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Wills & Estate

How will you transfer your assets to your heirs in the most efficient and least costly manner?  Non-probate transfers, when properly done, can help you achieve the transfer of your assets to loved ones in the manner in which you desire after your death.  Non-probate transfers can be achieved fairly easily and at low cost. One type of non-probate transfer is a beneficiary designation on a financial account (such as POD or TOD). For vehicles, a TOD designation can be put on the title. For real estate, a beneficiary deed may be drafted by an attorney for a small fee. These beneficiary designations can cause a direct transfer of property without it going through probate. Attorney Brandon Stafford can help you with non-probate transfers.


If you own many items of property and many valuable assets, you may want to have a Trust created. There are different types of Trusts. Trusts can take considerable time to prepare, and the attorney fee can be significant. You should talk to a lawyer you can depend on before creating a Trust, to see if you really need a Trust. Brandon Stafford is one of those lawyers.

Whether you have a Trust or not, you should still have a Last Will and Testament in place so that your heirs and everyone else know how you want to dispose of any remaining property you may have. A Will should not cost too much to prepare.

Estate planning also includes health care planning, such as powers of attorney for health care decisions and living wills. You may also wish to have financial or general powers of attorney as part of your estate plan. There are different types of powers of attorney.

If you would like to speak to a lawyer about your estate plan, Brandon Stafford would be happy to speak to you. He includes an estate planning consultation in his fees for drafting your estate planning documents. After you have signed your documents, Brandon will still be there and available to you and your family in the future. Sometimes an estate will need to be opened, even if estate planning has been done. Brandon Stafford can help your family through probate court process as well.