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When you pay for insurance but are denied coverage when you need it, the results can be devastating and you can be personally liable.  Insurance companies will often deny coverage and refuse to pay, believing you will just go away.  A lawyer who practices insurance law may be able help you resolve a  dispute with the insurance company.

Insurance law issues can arise in a variety of areas.  For example, personal injury cases will often involve insurance coverage issues. If you are injured, you need to identify all insurance coverage that may be available in order to pay your expenses and fairly compensate you for your injuries and damages. Do you have medical payments coverage? Underinsured motorist coverage? Did the other driver even have insurance? Do you need to make a claim on your own uninsured motorist coverage?

These are questions that are appropriate for an attorney. Attorney Brandon Stafford has practiced insurance law his entire career, and has been involved in a number of appeals regarding insurance coverage.

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